COVID-19 Response

Work From Home with Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft Teams

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BRainscale's covid-19 response

COVID-19 has spread across the globe at an unprecedented pace, forcing businesses to reassess future plans, short-term goals, and day-to-day activities.

Employees working in offices has become increasingly unsafe and difficult, requiring businesses to adopt new strategies to enable their workforce to work safely, remotely, and productively. Adopting these new strategies ourselves, BrainScale has teamed up with Microsoft to provide businesses with state-of-the-art solutions and best practices for continued success in a world impacted by COVID-19

We are offering FREE implementations of Windows Virtual Desktop for up to 50 users for 3-months and a 6-month, full-functionality trial of Microsoft Teams for up to 1,000 seats. On top of this, Microsoft has created a number of programs that BrainScale can help you navigate to make best use of your new work-from-home solutions.

We're all in this together. Let's team up to ensure you can continue business as usual.

Windows Virtual Desktop

In BrainScale's Windows Virtual Desktop workshop, you will learn how enabling Windows Virtual Desktop will empower your organization to work remotely and  productively.

In this workshop, we will demonstrate how you can setup WVD in Microsoft Azure Cloud in as little as one week. We will also explore these key components of adopting WVD in your business:

  •      - Windows Virtual Desktop Capabilities
  •      - Bandwidth and Capacity Planning for WVD environments
  •      - Privileges and Access Management
  •      - User Profile Management
  •      - Load Balancing and Host Pool Configuration strategies
  •      - Automation and Configuration Management on WVD
  •      - WVD at Scale

With the capability to spin up WVD on Citrix or VMware platforms as well, we are offering businesses to get started with a free pilot for 25+ initial users, with many other tools/features enabled for your environment free for up to six months.

To adopt Windows Virtual Desktop in your organization, contact BrainScale to take advantage of the numerous offers Microsoft has made available to businesses transitioning to a work-from-home model.

View BrainScale's Windows Virtual Desktop Webinar

Microsoft Teams

Times have never been more challenging, and with thousands of employees now set to move to remote working and organizations moving to remote delivery services, it’s vital that we use technology to ensure that business as usual can continue.

BrainScale wants to help you meet that challenge with Microsoft Teams. Many organizations have benefitted from deploying Teams custom solutions and apps. We want to make sure that you can use Teams quickly and effectively for maximum impact. During this two-day session we’ll work together on deployment and adoption of the app to ensure your team hits the ground running with Teams. 

Microsoft Teams Enablement Workshop

Ensure employees:

We will work with you to identify, build, deploy, test, and provide training for your Microsoft Teams adoption.

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